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Tailgating Traditions | First Preston HT

First Preston HTSummer is now officially over and today was the first day of Fall!  Kids young and old across the nation have settled back into school routines.  This also means football season is well underway and here at First Preston HT we love college football.  It’s time to make some new friends, revive old rivalries, and plan some memorable tailgate parties!

Tailgating is an American tradition that is often marked by a great mix of fanatical sports fans, savory foods and ice cold drinks.  Every college has their own tailgating traditions and here are a few that stand out.

  • First Preston HTTCU (Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, TX) Football fans host their tailgate at Frog Alley where there is live music, live radio broadcasts, and bounce houses.
  • SMU (Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX) holds its southern style tailgates on “The Boulevard” which is the main strip that runs down the center of campus.  Students dress to the nines and enjoy a parade by the band and cheerleaders that leads football fans to Ford Stadium for the game time kickoff.
  • Ole Miss’ (University of Mississippi in Oxford, MS) hosts their tailgates on The Grove, a picturesque ten acre area lined with trees, while keeping things classy and sophisticated as students as well as alums wear their best in school colors and Rebel pride.  This is far from the typical parking lot atmosphere.
  • UT (University of Tennessee in Knoxville, TN) fans tailgate on boats off the docks outside of Neyland Stadium on the Tennessee River as part of what is known as the “Vol Navy”, a flotilla of some 200 vessels, some tricked out with slides and bubbly hot tubs.
  • LSU (Louisiana State University in Pineville, LA) Tiger fans are known for putting extra effort into their pregame grub, offering up dishes like jambalaya, fogs legs, alligator and crawfish.  For this reason they don’t mess around with the cookware either, they use massive grills, pots, smokers, etc.
  • Harvard (Harvard University in Cambridge, MA) hosts a wine and cheese soiree the night before their big game against college rival, Yale.  Pre-game events such as alumni luncheons,  recent grad get-togethers, and family events take place as well.  Also of note is the joint Harvard-Yale tailgate parties that take place in the fields next to the host stadium each year.

First Preston HT wants to know: What are your favorite tailgating traditions?

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Home Swimming Pool: To Build or Not to Build

There is no getting around the heat this time of year.  It’s hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk here at the First Preston HT corporate site.  Most of us crave ice cold drinks and dips in a cool swimming pool to rescue us from the sweltering sun.

First Preston HTFor those that live in apartment or condo dwellings, swimming pools are generally part of offered amenities that are easily taken advantage of during the summer.  Some homeowners and renters have the option of going to a community pool if there is one nearby, or better yet, can enjoy a refreshing swim if a swimming pool is right in their backyard.

Since not all homes have swimming pools to offer relief from the long summer days, it can be more than temping to seriously contemplate a decision to make this an addition to your backyard landscape.  But what are the costs involved and is it worth the investment in the long term?  Deciding to add a swimming pool to your home is a big decision and it can be very helpful to implement some cost benefit analysis when reaching a decision.

Types of Swimming Pools:  First decide which type of swimming pool you want to have installed.  There are two main types: above ground and in-ground.

Costs:  Above ground swimming pools are much cheaper to have added to your home.  The average 19’ diameter above ground pool is $6,243 according to P.K. Data.   The average 32’x16’ in-ground swimming pool will cost $21,919.  Of course the size of the swimming pool and the depth directly affect the cost.  For every square foot of an in-ground pool, expect to pay around $50.

First Preston HTInstallation/Construction:  Above ground swimming pools might require some site preparation to level the ground area and provide access to electrical service for the pump that circulates the pool water.  In-ground swimming pools require site preparation as well but to a much higher degree.  The swimming pool is then lined.  A vinyl lining is the least costly averaging $18,000 while a fiberglass lining will run about $20,000.  If opting for concrete, the cost can run from $20,000 up to $50,000 to install.  In-ground pools also usually need a surrounding patio and fencing installed which will increase the overall cost.

Maintenance: The water treatment chemicals alone can cost around $80 a month for above ground swimming pools and $95 a month for in-ground pools.  Cleaning tools including brushes, a vacuum, covers, and heaters start around $400 and can increase into the thousands (a solar heater can cost around $5,000). These are just some of the basics.

Add-ons:  Perhaps you wish to add a diving board, slide, spa, or lighting to the in-ground pool.  If you opt to add these or other amenities to your swimming pool the cost can continue to increase.

First Preston HTHome Value: While it might be nice to have the convenience of a swimming pool in your backyard, what does it do for your overall home value and is it worth the investment?  Some experts say that having a swimming pool can actually make your home harder to sell as many buyers see it as a liability rather than a luxury.  However, in the right circumstances it could boost your home value by as much as 7% according to Houselogic estimates.  This is dependent upon the climate you live in, the pool to additional back yard ratio, whether you live in a higher-end neighborhood where most houses have pools, as well as the style of the pool and how it fits with the home design.

It is a significant investment and decision that comes with a commitment to maintenance that deserves your careful consideration.  In the end, if enjoying a cool refreshing dip in the water is something you desire, we hope you have access to a swimming pool nearby or in your own backyard to escape the summer heat.  For information on effective ways to manage institutional and individual portfolios nationwide, or to shop for real estate visit First Preston HT. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.

Green Baby Products for your Home | First Preston HT

Little child exploring the green rice fieldI have had several friends in the past few month welcome new bundles of joy into their homes.  Our First Preston HT Team has also had a few new babies.  It’s an exciting time for new parents but can also be overwhelming.  Parents want the best for their children and with so many baby products on the market today, how do you know which ones are safe and healthy for them?

There are several mainstream baby products on available today that contain toxic ingredients that could be detrimental to your baby.  Opting to use natural, organic products, that are free of these ingredients will be better for your baby and give parents more piece of mind.  Here are a few of the toxic ingredients to avoid and suggestions for some natural products to use instead:

  1. Talc – This powdered mineral which can be found in baby powder (and cosmetic powders) is used as a drying agent but has been found to be carcinogenic (potential to cause cancer). Some companies have shifted to talc-free baby powders but make sure to read the label.  Green Choice California Baby Calming Organic Powder which is free from talc and uses organic lavender for scent instead of toxic fragrances.
  2. Mineral Oil – This oil is a cheap byproduct of the distillation of petroleum used to produce gasoline. It is found in baby oil and clogs skin pores acting as plastic wrap on the skin which can lead to breakouts.  Green Choice – Use organic nourishing oils like coconut or sweet almond to massage into your baby’s skin.
  3. Parabens – These are lurking pretty much everywhere and are known to disrupt hormones, cause skin irritation and reproductive toxicity.  Lower your baby’s exposure to them by checking the baby product labels of soaps, body washes, shampoos and lotions.  Green ChoiceEarth Mama Angel Baby Shampoo contains no toxic chemicals and is gentle on the skin.
  4. Propylene Glycol – This chemical enhances the penetration of difference substances and can be carcinogenic. It’s used in wiper fluid and for de-icing airplanes and can be found in baby wipes frequently.  Green Choice The Honest Co. Baby Wipes which are also chlorine-free.Baby accessories for bathing on table on light background
  5. 1,4-Dioxane & Ethylated Surfactants – While this is never listed as an ingredient, it’s been found in 57% of baby soaps and is a known breast carcinogen. Ingredients that contain the letters “eth” are an indicator that 1,4-dioxane is present.   Green ChoiceBurt’s Bees Baby Wash which is toxin free.
  6. Sodium Polyacrylate (SAP) – Found in the absorbent center of disposable diapers, this compound can lead to skin irritation, staph infections and other health problems. It was once used in tampons until it was found to be responsible for cases of Toxic Shock Syndrome.  Green Choice – Diaper services will deliver clean cloth diapers weekly or monthly and remove used and clean them for redelivery.  Another option is gPants and gDiapers which are disposable, dioxin and chlorine-free.
  7. Hydrogenated Cottonseed Oil – This skin conditioning agent may be contaminated with mercury, arsenic, lead and pesticides according to the Environmental Working Group. It can be found in moisturizers and ointments.  Green ChoiceThe Honest Co. Organic Healing Balm which is free from harsh chemicals, oils, and is hypoallergenic.

If you have a newborn First Preston HT congratulates you and hopes you find these tidbits on baby products helpful and informative.  For information on effective ways to manage institutional and individual portfolios nationwide, or to shop for real estate visit First Preston HT. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.

Pet Safety for the Fourth of July | First Preston HT

20150703rs.bigstock-Fireworks-background-for-th-o-91509026-300x300As the First Preston HT team gets ready to celebrate our great nations’ adoption of the Declaration of Independence, (better known as the Fourth of July) images of picnics, barbeques, pool parties, and fireworks come to mind.  One of my favorite parts of celebrating the Fourth is watching incredible firework displays.

For those of us with furry family members it’s important to know how fireworks can affect our pets and how to practice pet safety.  Unfortunately they don’t enjoy the sounds and sights of fireworks like their human friends do.

In fact, the Fourth of July, when compared to other major holidays, reports the busiest day for animal shelters all year long.  The Indiana Protective Animal Welfare, Inc. (PAW) remarked that animal shelters on July 5 are “inundated with pets that panicked at the noise of firecrackers and fled into the night, winding up lost, injured or killed.”

So how can you keep your pets safe from this weekend’s festivities?  Here are ten tips provided by

1. Keep your Pet Indoors at All Times! – It may seem obvious, but even if your pet is used to being outside, the resulting panic caused by fireworks or other loud noises may make them break their restraint or jump a fence in a terrified attempt to find safety.

2. Don’t Put Insect Repellent on Your Pet that isn’t Specifically for Pet Use – The same tip applies to applying “people” sunscreen on your pet. What isn’t toxic to humans can be toxic to animals.  The ASPCA lists the poisonous effects of sunscreen on your pet as, “…drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, excessive thirst, and lethargy.”  DEET, a common insecticide, may cause neurological issues.

3. Alcoholic Drinks Poison Pets – If your pet drinks alcohol, they can become dangerously intoxicated, go into a coma, or in severe cases, die from respiratory failure.  Yes, even beer is toxic; fermented hops and ethanol are poisonous to dogs and cats.

4. Going to a Fireworks Display?  Leave Your Pet at Home – The safest place for your pet is at home, not in a crowded, unfamiliar and noisy place.  The combination of too many people and loud fireworks will make your beloved pet freak out and desperately seek shelter.  Locking them in the car is also not an option; your pet may suffer brain damage and heat stroke.

5. Have Your Pet Properly Identified – If your pet manages to break loose and become lost, without proper identification it will be that much harder to get them back.  Consider fitting your pet with microchip identification, ID tags with their name and your phone number, or both.  It is also a good idea to have a recent picture of your pets in case you have to put up signs.

Group of Patriotic dogs and cat6. Keep Your Pet Away from Glow Jewelry – It might look cute, but your pet could chew up and swallow the plastic adornments.  The ASPCA states that while not highly toxic, “excessive drooling and gastrointestinal irritation could still result from ingestion, and intestinal blockage could occur from swallowing large pieces of the plastic containers.”

7. NEVER Use Fireworks Around Pets – While lit fireworks can pose a danger to curious pets and potentially result in severe burns and/or trauma to the face and paws, even unused fireworks can be hazardous.  Some fireworks contain potentially toxic substances such as arsenic, potassium nitrate, and other heavy metals.

8. Don’t Give Your Pet “Table Food” – If you are having a backyard barbeque, you may be tempted to slip some snacks to your pet.  But like beer and chocolate, there are other festive foods that could harm your pet.  Onions, coffee, avocado, grapes, raisins, salt, and yeast dough are all possible hazards for dogs and cats.

9. Lighter Fluid and Matches Are Harmful to Pets – The ASPCA lists chlorates as a harmful chemical substance found in some matches that, if ingested, can cause your pet difficulty in breathing, damage blood cells or even cause kidney disease.  If exposed to lighter fluid, your pet may sustain skin irritation on contact, respiratory problems if inhaled, and gastric problems if ingested.

10. Citronella Insect Control Products Harm Pets Too – Oils, candles, insect coils and other citronella-based repellents are irritating toxins to pets, according to the ASPCA.  The result of inhalation can cause severe respiratory illnesses such as pneumonia, and ingestion can harm your pet’s nervous system.

First Preston HT wishes you, your family and pets a safe and happy Fourth of July.  For information on effective ways to manage institutional and individual portfolios nationwide, or to shop for real estate visit First Preston HT. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.

Remodeling Goes Digital |First Preston HT

Digital Tablet With Diy ToolsHome renovation is booming based on recent retail sales reports that show strong performance for retail home improvement companies such as Home Depot.   Here at First Preston HT and Castle Peak Homes, we know a thing or two about remodeling and what an undertaking it can be, especially if it’s your first time.  There are some new websites that are promising to help make your home project less of a hassle.

Remodeling companies and professionals are hopping on the digital bandwagon in hopes of reaching those that prefer to do things via their smart phone or tablet.  Architects, contractors, plumbers, design-build firms, as well as product manufactures are starting to offer their services on sites like Houzz, Porch, Remodelaholic, DIY Network and HGTV.   While this is an extra cost for these service providers, it appears to be paying off.

Houzz is a website and mobile app for home remodeling and design that brings together homeowners and home professionals.  The website offers consumers beautiful photos of homes by room for design inspiration, a professional service locator, a way to buy home furnishings and advice on remolding.   If you are thinking about remodeling and looking for tips or inspiration, this is a great place to start.

luxury kitchen with new cabinets and slate floorPorch is another online company that helps connect homeowners with local professionals.  It also provides a free resource, the Porch Home and Neighborhood Report, for understanding the remodeling and project history of a specific home as well as neighborhood data on completed projects.  This report is offered for any active listing on  Like Houzz, they too provide lots of inspirational photos of impressive renovations which include project cost and the professionals that completed the project.

Remodelaholic (the name speaks for itself) features guest bloggers that touch on topics addressing DIY projects that homeowners can tackle themselves to save money as well as other homestead areas of interest.

DIY Network and HGTV, both cable network channels, provide resources for how-to and DIY projects as well as photos of remodels and videos providing tips and advice.  In case you haven’t caught them on TV while channel surfing, they also air several different television shows that focus around remodeling and DIY projects in and around the home.

Try utilizing one or more of these resources for your next home remodel.  We hope it inspires you and makes the process enjoyable. For information on effective ways to manage institutional and individual portfolios nationwide, or to shop for real estate visit First Preston HT. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.

First Preston HT Summer Vacation Savings Tips

First Preston HTIt’s about that time of year when we start dreaming about escaping the confines of a cubicle or classroom for a much needed summer vacation.  If you are like me or some of our First Preston HT team members, you’ve been daydreaming about it since the cold winter months.  Whether you plan to travel with your family, friends, or go it solo, a great summer vacation can leave you with great memories that last a lifetime.  However, it can also put a dent in your wallet quickly if you haven’t saved up in advance.

Summer vacations are meant to leave us feeling rested, relaxed and refreshed.  No one wants to come home from a nice trip and then stress about the money that was just spent.   Whether you are planning a low budget weekend getaway or a luxurious week-long retreat who doesn’t like to save money or get a great deal?  Here are a few tips to help your dollar stretch farther this summer.

  1. First Preston HTTravel during Off-Peak Times – Airfare during peak summer months and summer holidays can increase by more than 50%. Book your travel plans for before June 20 which marks the official start to summer.  Airlines, hotels, and cruises tend to raise their prices during this time.  Check out mobile apps like Kayak or OnTheFly (an ITA Software by Google) to help locate the best price fairs and set price watch alerts.  If you do have to travel during the peak season, book flights for arrival and departure during the week which tend to cost less than flights during the weekend.  Tuesdays still tend to be the best day to purchase airfare too!
  2. Forego the Hotel Room – In recent years, travelers have shifted away from staying at hotels and have taken to a new trend – vacation rentals.  While this might sound more expensive it can actually save quite a bit of money, especially if you are traveling with friends or extended family.  Additionally, renting a house or condo usually provides access to a full kitchen giving the option to cook some of your meals instead of eating out at expensive restaurants. Check out for rentals across 190 countries.  You might even consider listing your home on a vacation rental site like this to earn extra cash while away on vacation.
  3. Set and Stick to a Budget – It can be hard to do if caught up in the moment while on vacation but it’s important to stick to a planned budget to keep from experiencing potential buyer’s remorse later.  There are mobile apps that can help, including SmartyPig and  Start setting aside travel funds early.
  4. First Preston HTThe More, the Merrier – Invite more friends or family to join the trip and split the cost among everyone.  This can save lots of money on the hotel or vacation rental and also makes for more fun!  This has always been one of my favorite money saving travel tips, go with friends no matter what the time of year.
  5. Pre-plan Meals – Dinning out on vacation can be one of the largest expenses incurred once arriving to your destination.  If your accommodations allow for it, cook a few meals instead of eating out.  Locate the nearest local farmers market First Preston HTor grocery store before arriving and plan to make a visit once you get settled.  It is also a big money saver to buy wine or other adult beverages at the store instead of paying premium mark ups while out and about.
  6. Check your Rewards – Most travelers have a frequent flyer mile programs, hotel points and credit card rewards.  Before deciding on your summer vacation destination, review all your reward programs to identify any special deals that would allow you to cash in points.  If you are not a member of any rewards program, now is a great time to start.  Next time you stay at a hotel or fly, ask a representative for information about joining their loyalty program and sign up.  Preferred customers sometimes receive special perks.

Whether you have planned a summer vacation far away from home or have decided to enjoy a staycation, First Preston HT hopes you enjoy your time relaxing and enjoying quality time with your loved ones.  For information on effective ways to manage institutional and individual portfolios nationwide, or to shop for real estate visit First Preston HT. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.

Spring Cleaning Checklist | First Preston HT

Spring Cleaning Just Ahead Green Road Sign with Dramatic Clouds,Whether you look forward to Spring Cleaning with excitement each year or dread thinking about, it’s time to dust of your gloves, and grab a spray bottle for Spring Cleaning with the First Preston HT team!  For homeowners and renters alike, it’s important to keep your home free from built up dirt and dust.  Taking the time to Spring Clean can not only de-clutter your home but your mind as well once it is finished.

The list of chores to complete can seem daunting for many, especial for those with tight schedules.  If your time limited and you might want to hire a house cleaning service to take care of all the dirty work for you.  For those who are more money conscientious or just like to tackle D.I.Y. projects, Maratha Stewart provides this great Spring Cleaning Checklist for your convenience.  Her list guides you through each room of most homes and I have provided a few favorites below.

Housewife holding bucket with cleaning equipment on color backgrThe Kitchen: Dust refrigerator coils – Make sure to turn off power at the power source. Coils are usually located at the bottom of the refrigerator, under the grill. Clean coils with the crevice attachment of a vacuum or a specialty refrigerator-coil brush.  Defrost the freezer – Turn off the power at the circuit breaker or fuse box. Empty out the freezer’s contents and then wipe the interior clean with a mixture of 2 tablespoons baking soda per 1 quart hot water.

The Bathrooms: Discard expired cosmetics and beauty products – Place these items in a trash bag and keep it out of reach from children and animals.  Update FIRST-AID KIT – In addition to bandages and ointments, the kit should contain a list of emergency numbers, particularly the one of the nearest poison-control center.

A Genuine Box of used items ready for a garage sale, Yard Sale,The Closets: Replace cool -weather clothing with warm -weather clothing – Clean garments before storing them in zippered sweater or blanket bags to keep moths out.  Donate apparel you no longer use – Various charities are more than happy to take old clothing off your hands and may even send a truck to pick it up. Be sure to ask for a receipt for tax purposes.

Outdoor Spaces: Clean Porch Ceilings and Walls – Sweep out cobwebs and debris with a broom, and wash walls with an all-purpose cleaner and water using a polyester sponge.  Scrub decks, patios, driveways, and walkways – Treat mildew spots with a combination of 1 part oxygen bleach to 3 parts water and use a deck brush.  Wash outdoor furniture – Most materials, including aluminum, plastic, wood, and wicker, can handle a solution of mild dish-washing liquid and water and a soft-bristle brush.  Inspect light fixtures – Wash covers and check for damaged connections and wires.

The entire checklist is quite thorough so it might be helpful to divided the list up by room and spread out the Spring Cleaning over a few weekends.  First Preston HT wishes you happy spring cleaning! For information on effective ways to manage institutional and individual portfolios nationwide, or to shop for real estate visit First Preston HT. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.

Home Décor Trends from First Preston HT

Spring is officially here and it’s time to give your home a fresh update in addition to a deep spring cleaning.  Your home should reflect your personality and also be a retreat from your busy day-to-day life.  If you come home to a dull, cluttered space it can keep you from relaxing and enjoying those quite moments from the hustle and bustle.  Here are some top 2015 home decor trends from First Preston HT to help spruce up you home.

20150323b.bigstock-Side-Table-and-classy-lamp-44510758Go for the Gold!  Swap old stainless steel kitchen or bathroom fixtures for those with gold or bronze finishes.  This will instantly update the room with a touch of luxury and sophistication.  This decor trend can spill into the bedrooms and living room by updating table or floor lamps that feature gold metal bases, drawer knobs and cabinet pulls, gold brushed picture frames or accessories.  You can even mix metals of gold and silver for a polished look.  Keep in mind these shouldn’t over power the room but add a nice finishing touch.

Wallpaper has made a huge comeback and it’s not that drab floral pattern you are imagining from the 80’s or 90’s.  Top design companies are creating really bright, bold, fun prints that can really add pizzazz to rooms both large and small.  Aside from prints and colors that pack a punch, textured wallpaper is also becoming popular and can add to the room’s overall ambiance.  Don’t think you have to paper the whole room; choosing just one wall can be enough to achieve the look you are going for without over doing it.

The Deep Blue – decorating with blue accents has become really popular lately.  This color has many different shades.   Blue tends to be a calming color and can add drama when painted on the walls of a room.  This could be a good color choice for guest bedrooms, or the master bedroom.  Think of adding pops of this color in unsuspecting ways: royal blue chandelier, sapphire glass coffee table, navy suede sofa,  or sea blue floor rugs.

You don’t have to implement a total overhaul to reap the benefits of a fresh space either.  Switching out accent pillows, duvet covers and sheets, flowers, and accessories can make a huge impact while making not a huge an impact on your wallet.

These are just a few trends in decor this year brought to you by First Preston HT.  We hope you get inspired to update your space in a way that leaves you feeling at home.   For information on effective ways to manage institutional and individual portfolios nationwide, or to shop for real estate visit First Preston HT. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.

Luck of the Irish Recipes From First Preston HT

St. Patrick’s Day celebrates the most widely known patron saint of Ireland. However, most of us think of green beer, parades and the luck of the Irish.  Whether you are hosting a party or attending one, here are some St. Patrick’s Day recipes from First Preston HT.

First-Preston-HTIf you are looking for an easy, healthy spread, you’re in luck.  Try this Ombre Veggie Tray featuring some of my favorite crunchy greens.  Whip up some Pesto Hummus to serve with the veggies and some pita chips.

For those with a sweet tooth, bake up these Guinness Chocolate Brownies that will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.  Looking for something a little lighter and green in color?  Check out this Key Lime Pie that was featured on Oprah.

No St. Patty’s Day is complete without the green beer which requires few drops of green food coloring to your favorite beer.  If you’re out of luck and don’t have any food coloring on hand, just enjoy the Guinness that’s left over from the Guinness brownies.  Most importantly, don’t forget to wear green!

How do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

Hopefully you enjoy these holiday recipes from First Preston HT. For information on effective ways to manage institutional and individual portfolios nationwide, or to shop for real estate visit First Preston HT. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.

New Year’s Resolutions Go High Tech

MaleSmartPhone.adamrIt’s that time again, where everyone set’s a lofty list of resolutions for the New Year and usually winds up breaking them within the first few weeks.  Only about 8% of American’s actually are successful in keeping their goals.  How can make sure you stay on top of your list and fall privy to the norm?

There are several mobile apps that can help keep you motivated and on track whatever your resolutions maybe.  If you are trying to lose weight or get healthy check out apps such as Happy Scale, MyFitnessPal, WellnessFX, CodyApp (one of my favorites), or SleepCycle.

Did you know that two-thirds of Americans don’t have a budget, according to a Gallup poll?  If keeping your finances in check is your resolution, look to download Level, Mint, or a mobile app provided by your personal bank.  This can keep you on budget while on the go and help you set goals for spending and saving.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions and how do you plan to keep them?

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