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First Preston HT works with subcontractors to provide a variety of services on properties we manage for our clients located in all 50 states, District of Columbia, U.S. territories and International countries.

Licensed Real Estate Brokers
As the location and volume of inventory changes from our clients, we seek licensed and experienced brokers to join our network to provide listing services. You must meet the minimum requirements in addition to any client specific requirements to be considered for listing services.

Qualification Requirements

Property Management Service Providers
First Preston HT seeks businesses to join our network that are interested in performing subcontracted property management services on government, bank and privately-owned, single family properties. Contractors will receive work based on the competitiveness of their pricing and quality of service, and will continue to receive work based on performance.

Qualification Requirements

Licensed Appraisers
First Preston HT seeks experienced, appropriately licensed appraisers located within close proximity to the properties for valuation.  All Appraisal vendors that join our network must meet and maintain the qualifications requirements, insurance requirements and performance standards.

Qualification Requirements


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We look for a diverse group of experienced, appropriately licensed subcontracting partners

  • Located in close proximity to the properties we manage
  • Share our commitment to outstanding customer service