Negotiation Management

First Preston HT’s smart button placed on a marketing website connects buyers and sellers in a secured environment configured to support the exchange of key offer terms and conditions.

Our Negotiation Management platform supports the electronic submission and negotiation of offers in a secure environment allowing First Preston HT clients to conduct business using the preferred method of today’s buyers and sellers.  Launched from your marketing website and branded with your corporate look and feel, offer terms are negotiated prior to contract providing for a consistent experience where collaboration and efficiency result in faster execution.

  • Buyers submit offers 24/7 within a secure hosted environment
  • Customized offer form to capture key information and supporting offer documentation to facilitate quality of offer analysis
  • Offer management console ensures every offer is received and considered
  • Processes, including response to multiple offers as “best & final” invitation
  • All activities date/time stamped providing an audit trail and support in response to potential errors and omissions insurance claims
  • Automated notifications keep parties engaged throughout the process

Negotiation Mgmt_FINAL