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Little child exploring the green rice fieldI have had several friends in the past few month welcome new bundles of joy into their homes.  Our First Preston HT Team has also had a few new babies.  It’s an exciting time for new parents but can also be overwhelming.  Parents want the best for their children and with so many baby products on the market today, how do you know which ones are safe and healthy for them?

There are several mainstream baby products on available today that contain toxic ingredients that could be detrimental to your baby.  Opting to use natural, organic products, that are free of these ingredients will be better for your baby and give parents more piece of mind.  Here are a few of the toxic ingredients to avoid and suggestions for some natural products to use instead:

  1. Talc – This powdered mineral which can be found in baby powder (and cosmetic powders) is used as a drying agent but has been found to be carcinogenic (potential to cause cancer). Some companies have shifted to talc-free baby powders but make sure to read the label.  Green Choice California Baby Calming Organic Powder which is free from talc and uses organic lavender for scent instead of toxic fragrances.
  2. Mineral Oil – This oil is a cheap byproduct of the distillation of petroleum used to produce gasoline. It is found in baby oil and clogs skin pores acting as plastic wrap on the skin which can lead to breakouts.  Green Choice – Use organic nourishing oils like coconut or sweet almond to massage into your baby’s skin.
  3. Parabens – These are lurking pretty much everywhere and are known to disrupt hormones, cause skin irritation and reproductive toxicity.  Lower your baby’s exposure to them by checking the baby product labels of soaps, body washes, shampoos and lotions.  Green ChoiceEarth Mama Angel Baby Shampoo contains no toxic chemicals and is gentle on the skin.
  4. Propylene Glycol – This chemical enhances the penetration of difference substances and can be carcinogenic. It’s used in wiper fluid and for de-icing airplanes and can be found in baby wipes frequently.  Green Choice The Honest Co. Baby Wipes which are also chlorine-free.Baby accessories for bathing on table on light background
  5. 1,4-Dioxane & Ethylated Surfactants – While this is never listed as an ingredient, it’s been found in 57% of baby soaps and is a known breast carcinogen. Ingredients that contain the letters “eth” are an indicator that 1,4-dioxane is present.   Green ChoiceBurt’s Bees Baby Wash which is toxin free.
  6. Sodium Polyacrylate (SAP) – Found in the absorbent center of disposable diapers, this compound can lead to skin irritation, staph infections and other health problems. It was once used in tampons until it was found to be responsible for cases of Toxic Shock Syndrome.  Green Choice – Diaper services will deliver clean cloth diapers weekly or monthly and remove used and clean them for redelivery.  Another option is gPants and gDiapers which are disposable, dioxin and chlorine-free.
  7. Hydrogenated Cottonseed Oil – This skin conditioning agent may be contaminated with mercury, arsenic, lead and pesticides according to the Environmental Working Group. It can be found in moisturizers and ointments.  Green ChoiceThe Honest Co. Organic Healing Balm which is free from harsh chemicals, oils, and is hypoallergenic.

If you have a newborn First Preston HT congratulates you and hopes you find these tidbits on baby products helpful and informative.  For information on effective ways to manage institutional and individual portfolios nationwide, or to shop for real estate visit First Preston HT. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.