Technology is embedded in First Preston HT service offerings and is integrated with our client’s business partner’s systems to provide an efficient scalable platform.

Asset Management – Our property management and marketing services team receives automated transactions from third parties including financial institutions, title companies, law firms, appraisal management companies and property management companies which enable the seamless transfer of key information.   Learn More >

Real Estate Technology – We offer a hosted solution as a service (SaaS) to manage the end-to-end REO process which is configured to integrate with our client’s platform as well as their key real estate business entities. Our property management platform has processed over 12 million transactions while our marketing platform receives up to 70,000 property listings daily.  Learn More >

Custom Development – Our team has an extensive breadth of experience in leveraging various integration methods including: Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP or SSH), File Transfer Protocol over SSL (FTPS), Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS Post), Web Services secured with SSL, Synchrony Exchange (HTTPS), and FTP with data encrypted using PGP encryption.  Learn More >

Consulting – We work with our clients to design solutions that provide connectivity between disparate systems and produce a seamless platform connecting all key parties required to optimize key business processes.  Learn More >



First Preston HT technology products are hosted in a SSAE-16 certified data center and securely interconnect with third parties including financial institutions, utility management vendors, property management companies, and market syndication providers.

Servicing Oversight – Allows loan servicers to work within a seamless platform with the holder of the home mortgage which integrates with our client’s systems as well as their loan servicer’s business partners to ingest, catalog and present large volumes of data and documents to operational teams who manage property preservation services. Learn More >

Our solutions are based on an open architecture to facilitate interoperability with our client’s partners to deliver seamless solutions which maximizes efficiencies.  First Preston HT technology partners include leading financial, property management, appraisal, utility management and listing syndication companies.