Servicing Oversight

First Preston HT’s real-time online environment is designed to provide interconnectivity between a financial entity and their Loan Servicing community and is configured to support the efficient execution of compliance processes.

Our patented Servicing platform allows First Preston HT clients to manage policy driven requests from their Loan Servicing community while reducing the cost of their operations.  Real-time interaction with loan Servicers and their authorized delegates (e.g. property management companies) improves communication and reduces errors enabling your staff to focus on analysis that drives measurable improvements.

  • Customized request transaction ensures complete information is submitted at point of entry
  • Transparent oversight confirms loan Servicer’s actions comply with policy guidelines
  • Scalable solution aggregates information from disparate loan Servicer’s systems into a common platform
  • Active dashboards enable drill down for quick analysis of exception conditions
  • Integration enables data and related documents to be easily submitted for review/approval (optional online portal provides for manual data entry)
  • Audit capabilities for all requests and responses

Servicing Oversight_FINAL