Asset Management

First Preston HT has managed and sold over 486,000 properties valued at over $35 billion for government and commercial clients with large diverse portfolios in all 50 states, District of Columbia, U.S. Territories and International countries.

From pre-foreclosure options to preserving and maintaining the value of each asset, through the successful sale or lease of properties, our scalable Asset Management service leverages our web-based technology platform which enables all parties to work more efficiently and collaborate in a real-time environment.  Our team consistently delivers excellent performance in achieving our client’s goals which include:

  • Accurately analyzing market and property conditions
  • Optimizing net returns
  • Promoting homeownership opportunities and special disposition programs preserving neighborhoods
  • Supporting small and diverse-owned business utilization
  • Managing vendor selection for high performance
  • Providing online marketplace featuring photos and video tours

Our success in managing real estate portfolios owned by financial institutions and real estate investors, combined with our experience in managing government-owned inventories allows us to bring together best practices from the private and government sectors to deliver outstanding results. Efficiently managing the transfer, administration and sale of real estate portfolios is a complex process involving the coordination of multiple specialized activities from inspectors, appraisers, listing brokers, selling agents, tenants, homeowners, legal counsel and other real estate professionals. Our time tested, state-of-the-art proprietary technology, combined with our highly trained and experienced staff, allow us to manage and sell a virtually unlimited number of properties and deliver the results expected by our clients.

As the location and volume of inventory changes from our clients, we seek licensed and experienced real estate professionals to provide specific services. Click Join Our Network if you are interested in providing services for our company.

What makes First Preston HT different?

  • Minimize hold time
  • Provide accurate valuations
  • Optimize net returns
  • Promote homeownership and neighborhood preservation programs
  • Utilize small and diverse-owned businesses