CIOReview Names First Preston HT to Honored List

Picture3Released on Wednesday March 30, 2016 was the latest edition of CIOReview Magazine which features the 20 Most Promising BPM Solution Providers for 2016.  A distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, analytics, and the CIOReview editorial board made this selection and produced an article for their publication that looked into how these solutions alleviate the challenges pertaining to operation management and how solution providers help clients stay a step ahead of the competition.  We are honored to be selected as one of the top players from the competitive field of BPM Solutions providers.

CIOReview notes that business processes are at the heart of what makes or breaks a business.  They concluded that First Preston HT sets itself apart from the competition by realizing the need for optimized process automation and operational intelligence solutions such as Business Process Management (BPM), which allows clients to deliver accelerated business growth through multi-model customer engagement and effective delivery of unique customer demands.

First Preston HT provides technology-based solutions and services that enable online real-time exchange of information and automation of business processes.

U.S. Home Builder Focuses on Entry-Level Homes

The current housing market’s supply of homes continues to be tight with the majority of homes available for sale being higher-end properties.  This leaves those who would be first-time homebuyers with fewer choices.  But the nation’s largest home builder (by market value), DR Horton, is shifting its attention from high-end homes to building entry-level residences.

The company’s new line of homes, Express Homes, will start at $120,000-$150,000 and will be be rolled out in Texas, Georgia and Florida.  Executives of the company see a strong demand for this market segment that is lacking in supply.  D.R. Horton CEO Donald Tomnitz said, “We wouldn’t be getting into Express Homes if we didn’t think it was the next segment of the market to recover… As we move into this recovery we’ll see some encouragement from the government in terms of trying to get more people into entry-level homes.” Pictured above is an Express Home in Dallas, TX and below is another located in Houston, TX.

101611500-ExpressHouston_530x298Outside analysts also see this shift in the market place.  Stephen East from research firm ISI Group commented, “We view it as the right move. Horton’s cost structure and operational experience at the entry level makes them one of the few builders that can do this profitably. Also, we are firmly convinced the first-time-buyer segment is getting access to more credit, which will lead to more demand for this low-entry level product.”

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Castle Peak Homes Gives New Life to Older Properties

Last year the housing market was mostly dominated by cash investors, many planning to flip properties or lease them out.  So far during 2014 investors still play a large role in the market although to a lesser degree since interest rates and prices have continued to rise.  Today we are taking a break from the housing market’s latest news and economic data reports to focus on a part of our business that brings new life to properties in need of a facelift.

Castle Peak Homes takes pride in improving the neighborhoods where we purchase properties by completing renovations that bring back the original glory of structures while including modern updates.  Each neighborhood has its own charm and style and keeping this intact is important in preserving these areas.  Castle Peak Homes embraces the original architectural style of each property and enhances them with modern day elements such as hardwood floors, granite counter tops and updated bathrooms.

One property Castle Peak Homes recently purchased and renovated was in Ft. Worth, Texas.  From the outside this duplex looked worn down and tired.  A fresh exterior coat of paint and bright new shutters helped transition this house to a home.  The existing hardwood floors were refinished, new interior paint throughout added, and a privacy fence in the backyard was installed along with some beautiful landscaping.  One of the kitchens was tiled to give it an undated feel as well.  The ‘before’ pictures first and and the ‘after’ pictures are next.

2713 exterior before 2713 exterior after

2713 rear after 2713 new after rear

Another purchased property, also situated in Ft. Worth, received a facelift.  This house had worn carpet and out-dated dark wood paneled walls.   A complete interior paint job, removal of the carpet and refinishing of the hardwood floors helped bring this house back to life.  A highlighted area of transformation was in one of the homes bedrooms which featured a fireplace.

Fire Place Before  Fire Place After

Castle Peak Homes is proud to add value to neighborhoods through the renovation of purchased properties and, at the same time, maintaining the character of each home as well as the charm and style of the neighborhood.

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First Preston HT Celebrates 26th Anniversary

HeartTree26th.v4 copyOn February 14th, the First Preston HT family of companies celebrates 26 years of business innovation and exemplary customer service. First Preston HT extends appreciation to our employees, our national network of associates, and our clients who have helped to cultivate a legacy of business success and community service.

The First Preston HT family of brands includes:  First Preston, HomeTelos, HomeTracker, BidSelect, Lender Center, HT Solutions and Outdoor Quota Solutions.  To learn more about First Preston HT, visit  Remember to Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Loan Limits Announcement Good News for Real Estate Professionals and Homebuyers

Team ApplauseOn November 26th, The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) announced conforming loan limits for 2014. According to a press release,  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac conforming limits will remain at $417,000 for one- unit properties in most areas of the nation. For high-cost markets, one-unit property loans will remain capped at a maximum of $625,500.

FHFA’s earlier announcement signaling their intention to lower loan limits, ignited a firestorm of protests from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and the California Association of Realtors (CAR) among others. CAR President Kevin Brown expressed his organization’s concern that “lowering the loan limits would have reversed the housing recovery;” in a press release from CAR he applauded the decision of Congressional lawmakers to make permanent the current loan limits of $417,000 for most markets  and $625,500 for high-cost markets.

“The 2014 loan limits are higher than 2013 HERA limits in several counties,” according to the National Mortgage Professional.  For a list of loan limits for one-unit to four-unit properties for your county, review the FHFA news release. The link  to the list is in paragraph #5.

For details on how the loan limits were calculated see pages 2-3 of the FHFA release.

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