Digital House Hunting

DigitalTools.pIn an age where it seems almost everything we need done these days can be accomplished via a phone app or the internet, why shouldn’t this be true when searching for a house to buy?  Thanks to technology, it is!  Several different digital tools make this process easy and allow you to hunt from the comfort of your couch.  Here are a few digital tools to check out:

  • Mortgage Calculators – there are several apps or websites that breakdown all the details of a mortgage based on interest rate, term of the loan and property value. Karl’s Mortgage Calculator, which is free, is online.
  • Home Search Locators – BidSelect, Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin all allow you to search digitally for a property based on different search criteria. Some of these websites also offer smart phone apps.
  • Sex Offender Lists – If you have children this is especially important to consider when buying a home. There are now two major sex offender registries that can be accessed digitally online.

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