How to Search Properties

1. Getting Started

Begin your search of thousands of properties today.  There is no obligation to register or provide personal information to search for properties and view property listing details.

2. Search Properties

Using Quick Search, start typing a city name, zip code or county name and BidSelect® will return a drop down list of possible matches.  Click on your selection then click the Search button.

For a more detailed search, click Advanced Search.  Share as much information as possible on your preferences

  • Property channels limit the type of listings in your results.
  • Property ID or MLS Number if searching for a specific property
  • Location (State, County, City, Zip)
  • Price Range
  • Beds/Baths
  • Property Type
  • Property Status (to focus on new or price reduced listings)
  • FHA Financing

You can broaden your search to include multiple cities or counties by clicking on Select Multiple Counties or Select Multiple Cities.

Make your selections by clicking the names of your desired counties or cities.  When you have completely defined your search criteria, click the Search button.

3. Property Search Results

BidSelect® will display a list of properties based on the search criteria you provided.  We show you key details and a photo for each listing, allowing you to quickly identify candidates for further review.  Easily navigate search results with an understanding of the available page features:

  • SORT & PAGINATION – Properties are sorted by City, then by Zip Code in ascending order.  You can change the sort by criteria and sort order by clicking on the blue column headers.  Up to ten (10) properties are displayed per page.  Use the page numbers and previous/next options above the first property listing on each page to view all listings in a search result.
  • BANNERS – Each property listing with a price reduction or status change such as contract pending has a banner indicating the type of change.
  • CONTRACT PENDING – A contract pending status is an indication that a buyer’s offer has been accepted, but it is not uncommon for a sale to fall through due to buyer financing or other unforeseen circumstances.  For this reason, we include these properties in BidSelect® search results so that buyers can monitor properties should they be returned to market
    • AS-IS VALUE & FHA FINANCING INSURABILITY – Many REO listings will include this information based on the appraisal and inspection of the property.  As-Is Value is the appraised value.  FHA Financing Insurability is an indication of the condition of the property and what type of loan may be used to purchase the property.  If the buyer is using cash or conventional financing, this information may not be relevant.
      • Insured – No obvious repairs needed to qualify for an FHA insured loan.  FHA 203(b) financing can be used to purchase the property.
      • Insured with Escrow – Repairs, paid from an established escrow account, are required to use FHA 203(b) financing.
      • Uninsured - Repairs are required and FHA 203(b) financing cannot be used.
    • SAVE SEARCH Whether or not you found your ideal property, you can use the Save Search option to have BidSelect® notify you by email when new properties matching your search criteria are listed.  Register for a free Buyer account and provide basic information, such as your name & email address. Note: BidSelect® does not sell registered user information and provides you with an opportunity to opt-out of receiving any promotional communications we may occasionally send out.

When you have identified a property that you would like to review further, you may click on the property image, property address or more details link in the short description to view additional details and photos/virtual tours.

4. Property Listing Details

BidSelect will display all available information about the property, including the listing date, description & features, and contact information for the listing agent.  In addition, each property listing includes the following:

  • PROPERTY PHOTOS – All photos provided by the Listing Agent for the property are made available to buyers.  To view each photo, click on the left/right arrows below the main property image.  for larger photos, click on the Photos tab.
  • VIRTUAL TOUR – Most properties include a virtual tour, which may provide additional photos or detailed information about the property.  To view the video, click on the Virtual Tour link below the main property image.
  • DESCRIPTION/FEATURES (including property condition report & summary) – All property listings include a list of property features and a written description of the property. For many properties, a Property Condition Report and Summary are included which may detail needed repairs, if any, and the functioning status of key household items such as the wiring, HVAC, plumbing, roof, etc.  Other properties may include documents provided by the Listing Agent, i.e. seller’s disclosure and required contract documents.
  • LISTING AGENT/BROKER – For all properties listed on BidSelect, the Listing Agent’s contact information is provided including phone & email.  Buyers can email the Listing Agent directly through BidSelect to inquire about the property and/or schedule a showing.
  • GET MAP, DRIVING DIRECTIONS and NEARBY AMENITIES – BidSelect uses Google mapping technology to provide you with a map of the property’s location and surrounding area.  To view the map, click on the Map tab. Once the map is displayed, enter a starting address to get turn-by-turn driving directions directions.

BidSelect provides you with several options to save property listings. You can also easily share them with your friends, family and/or buyer’s agent representative. Some of these options require that you be registered with BidSelect. The system will prompt you to sign-in or create a free Buyer Center account. Note: BidSelect does not sell registered user information and provides you with an option to opt-out of receiving any promotional communications that we may occasionally send out.

  • SAVE & SHARE – Access over one hundred (100) options, including:
    • Social Media sites such as Facebook & Twitter and Bookmarking sites such as Delicious and Digg.
    • Email using various options such as Google Gmail & Yahoo Mail or Outlook.
    • Bookmark in your browser or Add To Favorites.
  • EMAIL TO FRIEND/AGENT – Use BidSelect to send a personal message and link to the property listing on BidSelect to anyone, including yourself.
  • ADD TO MY FAVORITES – Use BidSelect to manage and track your favorite properties in a single location.  Receive notification when there is a list price or status change.
  • PRINT FLYER – For all properties listed on BidSelect, buyers have the option of printing a property flyer by clicking on the Print Flyer icon.  The printed flyer provides you with all of the information from the property listing found on BidSelect, including all photos, details and Listing Agent contact information.
    • Available on the printed flyer is a Quick Response Code (QR Code) providing users with the ability to scan and save a property listing to their mobile device, if they have a QR Reader App installed, camera and internet connection.

For buyers and their agents, BidSelect often provides you with the sales contract package and addenda required by the Seller should your offer be accepted.  Note: this information is provided as an example only, and the Seller may require that you provide additional documentation to facilitate the close and sale of the property.

  • CONTRACT PACKAGE EXAMPLE – For many properties listed on BidSelect, the Seller has provided a sales contract and a collection of required addenda, commonly referred to as a contract package, to be completed and signed by the Buyer and Buyer’s Agent.  Often there are detailed instructions and a specific timeframe to submit the buyer’s contract package to the Seller.  Click on the Preview Contract Package to view contract package requirements.